The Necklace Thesis

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In the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Manupassant, the author characterizes Mr.Loisel as a devoted husband. As the narrator describes Mr.Loisel’s feelings towards Mathilde when she wants a new dress, he states, “ ‘Very well. I’ll give you four hundred francs. But try and get a really nice dress with the money,’ ” (page 3). In this passage, the narrator reveals Mr.Loisel’s love towards Mathilde. Eventhough Mr.Loisel does not have much, he gives Mathilde what she needs to be happy. In this action, the narrator establishes that Mr. Loisel only wants her to be happy. The author also emphasizes how much Mr.Loisel cares for her. As the narrator describes Mr. Loisel when Mathilde needs money for the lost necklace, he states, “Loisel possesssed

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