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Regular Oreos are cookies with black cookies and white filling inside the cookies. They come in candy corn, gingerbread, banana split, lemon twist, birthday cake, watermelon, neapolitan triple double, creamsicle, ice cream, rainbow Shure Bert, candy cane, strawberry milkshake, Dairy Queen blizzard, marshmallow, cookie dough, double stuffed, peanut butter, mint, and berry. They come in regular and thins. They have chocolate cookies and a variety of fillings. Which pack of Oreos has a better price? Is the thirty pack of Oreos the best buy? Is the twenty-five pack the better buy? Are Oreos worth $2.75? The thirty pack is the better buy. I know because 30 is more than 25. Thirty cookies for $2.75 is a better buy than twenty five for $2.75. The thirty pack is the better buy because 2.75 divided by 30 equal to $0.09. The twenty five packs isn’t the better buy because 2.75 divided by 25 equal to $0.11. Yes, because a cookie is worth 9 cents to 11 cents.…show more content…
We need pencils and paper to do all the work that we need. We need the amounts in the pack of Oreos because we can’t do the work without it. Also, we need the price of the packs to do the work too. Step One: Gather all materials. Step Two: Read the Oreo article. Step Three: Find the amount and price for the Oreos. Step Four: Create a ratio of the prices and sizes. Step Five: Divide the ratios. Step Six: Round if necessary. Step Seven: Find the best

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