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Indie Game Movie is about the creative process of game development and how the developers made these games based on not what the people wanted, but on what the developers wanted and did not care about what anyone thought about the final product. These five different game developers sacrificed to realize their lifelong dreams of sharing their creativity and their artistic visions with everyone who played their games. There are five main subjects in the movie. Jonathan Blow, who developed "Braid," Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, who developed "Super Meat Boy," and Phil Fish and Renaud Bedard, who developed "Fez." Super Meat Boy, by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes is a quirky platformer that relates back to their own childhood video game experiences, where you play as a boy with no skin and must navigate through fast paced levels fighting an enemy…show more content…
To see these men, tired, worn, and restless over a game they are unsure of is heartbreaking and it shows that even the most unique and visionary people are also some of the most vulnerable. I do not know if I could have handled this situation any better. When both McMillen and Refenes freak out over Super Meat Boy not showing up in the Xbox Live Marketplace on the morning that it should. Or Fish having an anxiety attack that his former partner has yet to sign the appropriate paperwork that would allow him to legally show Fez at PAX East, it is a humbling experience to watch. Near the end of the film, there are some truly powerful moments. Watching Fish dealing with his much-anticipated game constantly crashing on day one of the PAX East show is compelling and heart-breaking. You cannot help but to feel his anxiety and sadness. The validation that McMillen and Refenes receive when they break day one-sales records is also humbling and inspiring to say the

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