The Pros And Cons Of The Wout Rape Case

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Over the past few years Americans especially African Americans have been able to see the privileges that many white-Americans. Those opportunities have been rewarded for a long time and will continue as long as there are white judges that still grew up with the slightest bit of prejudice. One finding that would cause a huge reaction to this is White Americans see how they have been getting rewarded. Recently, the news in the Vanderbilt rape case is one that sticks out like a sore thumb. In this case, 4 men were charged with raping a woman at a party. Among those accused of the rape was a local football star from the middle Tennessee area named Corey Batey that is African American. Batey ultimately received a sentence of 15 years for his participation in the rape. Meanwhile, a month later Brock Turner a white American who was a swimmer on the Stanford swim team was accused of raping a girl behind a dumpster. Ultimately Turner received a six-month probation because the judge did not want it to ruin his youth. Turner fled the scene as they approached, resulting in the two apprehending and restraining him until police arrived to take him in custody. If the case was an African American, the case…show more content…
African Americans hold less favorable attitudes toward the police compared with whites, while the attitudes of Hispanics are less favorable but not like the African Americans. Studies show that African Americans are more negative towards police than whites because of racial profiling. Racial profiling is the main issue in the United States and law enforcement uses their power to control blacks and Hispanics while they treat whites

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