Deforestation In Canada

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Deforestation is one of the world’s most significant issues at our time. In the past 100 years more than 80% of the Earths natural forests have been destroyed due to deforestation. Dramatic changes have to be made to help prevent further damages to happen in the near future. This report will be focused on the reasons for deforestation in Canada, the negative/positive effects it has on ecosystems and what actions humans have taken to stop this. What is it and what are the effects? Deforestation is clear cutting the Earth’s forests on massive scales often resulting on the surrounding environments. Deforestation occurs all around the world, mostly in developing countries. It happens intentionally such as building new houses or unintentionally such as forest fires and Illegal logging.…show more content…
In Canada we have 348 million hectares of forest lands which is equivalent to 10% of the earth’s forests. In 2005, 56 000 hectares were deforested. Agriculture took just over half the sector because of forests being cleared for pasture and crops. The remainder was caused by urban development (19%), Hydroelectricity (10%), Forest roads (10%) and industry/resource extraction (8%). For example the 407 highway that is being built in Brooklin right now, led to a lot of trees off cut down. Canada is also one of the most multicultural countries in the world which leads to an increase in population. Each year Canada’s population is increasing by approximately 383 000. This leads to demands for homes. From 2009-2010, over 189,930 homes and apartments, were built and the numbers have been increasing ever since. Businesses expanding play a huge role towards deforestation as well. For example Tim Horton’s has over 3000 franchises in Canada. With the world growing at a pace hard to match, the need for space results in
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