Baseball Glove History

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Where would any true baseball player be without the invention of the baseball glove? Did you ever wonder that the baseball glove was considered unmanly during the Civil War Era??? Well the answer to this question is yes indeed. Throughout this paper I will be sharing all you would ever want to know about the wonderful baseball glove and what purposes it solves. The history behind the baseball glove is unpredictable, from being first invented to today it has changed so incredibly much. Before the 1900’s baseball gloves had no “web” and are referred to today as “workman” style gloves. In the year of 1970 this was pretty much the starting point of the baseball glove…….. Although a 12” size was made in the 1950’s outfielder gloves began to be…show more content…
Doug Allison was born in 1846 and Doug was put to rest in 1884, Doug officially died in Washington, D.C and was buried at Rock Creek Cemetery. Doug began his long career by playing with the Washington Olympics in 1871. Doug ended his career with the Olympics with a batting average of .331 Doug then played for 6 different teams in his career. Doug was a very talented baseball player, his baseball career came to an end on July 13 in the year of 1883 when he faced the Baltimore Orioles. Did you know that Doug Allison never hit a Homerun in his whole entire…show more content…
A baseball glove is padded glove that you use on your opposite hand of your throwing hand. The baseball glove today has a lot of padding and a web so that the baseball can land in the web. If we didn’t have the invention of the baseball glove any baseball player around the world would be at risk of getting seriously injured, because if you ever witnessed catching a foul bat at a ball game it does hurt, and with often contact like that you would be at serious risk of breaking, or damaging your hand. The baseball glove of course cost money and like anything else in our society nothing is cheap. Just an average baseball glove may cost $50-$60. I’m a true baseball player and I would want something that is more expensive because I really want my hand to be protected to it’s best ability by having a sufficient glove. Did you know that All positions around the baseball diamond require a

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