Definition Essay On Peace

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A word which carries with it the glory of those who won wars, yet a word that encompasses grief of those who lost loved ones in conflicts. A word which brings people together yet a word which forces families apart. A word which aims to make wars a thing of the past, yet a word that is the cause of all wars. Peace. Why is peace so difficult to comprehend? Perhaps the reason is because people have various definitions of peace and how we can go about to achieve it. Moreover, the civil war in Syria and the threat of North Korean nuclear missiles has lead to more discourse about peace and war. With so many differing ideas of what peace truly is, the definition of peace has become more and more ambiguous, riddled with contradictory and blurred meanings. The vague denotations of peace have made it more of a challenge to achieve. Henceforth, let us explore the reasons why peace has become such an onerous objective. My father first introduced the concept of peace to me when we were playing with my Lego collection. My father’s hand, imitating a ferocious monster, toppled down the…show more content…
This situation exacerbates the worry that peace is unachievable. In that case, are we to continue fighting wars and view peace as an unattainable belief? Not necessarily. Alternatively, we should learn from countries in the Commonwealth such as Singapore, which was achieved a high level of order and non-violence. Despite the diversity of races, religions, and cultures, Singapore boasts low crime rates and is largely free of discrimination. Peace has not been entirely achieved, evident in the ever-present discrimination faced by minority races. Yet, core concepts like harmony, understanding, diversity and acceptance are taught to Singaporean children and reiterated throughout their lifetimes. These values have contributed immensely to the maintenance of cordiality and non-aggression in
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