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Le Fabuleux Amélie 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Lightstorm Entertainment are vast companies that have been making and producing excellent films and work of arts since what seems to be forever. With big and successful companies like these taking over the film industry it is rather difficult for smaller films productions to become a success, but it does not mean that it is impractical. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has proven that a film made in France can truly become well-known, especially with his latest work in 2001 - Amélie, a modern day heroine, who decides to takes matters into her own hands fighting bullies and bringing happiness to other after discovering a box full of memories. Being a big sucker for romantic comedies it is…show more content…
A romantic comedy (also known as “romedy” or “rom-com”) is a film that consists of happy and humorous plotlines, usually following the concept of the meeting of the two protagonists – the two falling for one another – a conflict reveals making their love to be impossible; however, about ninety-nine precent of the time the protagonist will be reunited and “cut!” By looking at the plot closely, Amélie is no stranger to the fore mention plotline. Amélie randomly meets Nino, they like each other but due to their shyness it is insurmountable for them to become successful in their love life. Nevertheless, Amélie and Nino manage to overcome their obstacles and reconcile in the end. If Amélie follow the same structure or a typical romantic comedy, why is the film so unique? To be frank (and totally subjective) everything the film offers makes it unique but most importantly, the typical structure does not overwhelm the whole film. For the second half of the film it is adorable to witness how Amélie is trying to capture Nino’s attention by being mysterious and giving him clues to follow; nevertheless, it is also fascinating to see the background of her life and how she became the present Amélie in the first segment of the film. The childhood of Amélie is captivating, with almost dark humour. For instance, the way she was raised and the horrendous passing of her mother. Being able to laugh and smile throughout the whole film is (especially for me) one of the most important aspects in creating a romantic comedy film, presenting a story only about attaining love is not

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