Defensive Driving

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When you are driving you always have to be cautious and attentive. You always have to be a defensive driver because you never know what might happen. There can be many things on the road that can make it difficult for you to drive. One are the seasons in particular winter and summer. Many people think that it safer and easier to drive in summer and it is more dangerous and harder to drive in winter. During all the seasons or year a driver always uses their basic driving skills while on the road. A driver has to be aware of their surroundings, other drivers, and traffic. For each season the vehicles have to be serviced for instance changing the oil or making sure your vehicle has coolant during the hot summer months or making sure the battery…show more content…
The reason being is that it is hard to drive in snow, sleet or ice. During this time many people don’t travel anywhere if they do not have to because there can be limited visibility. The ones that do need to travel still have to be very cautious on the road. When the snow melts or it rains there can be standing water that freezes on the road this turns into black ice. Black ice is basically invisible ice which makes the road look wet and that drivers cannot see. When a driver hits black ice the tires do not get a good grip on the road and that is when steering and stopping becomes very difficult. When a driver does hit black ice they lose control of the vehicle and can cause an accident. Most drivers drive slow when this happens because they do not know if there could be black ice. Also drivers are about three cars away from the vehicle in front of them because stopping can be harder on slick roads and visibility. In my experience in driving during winter is that I am very cautious and drive as slow as I can because I do not know what is going on in front of me and if there is any ice on the road. I have seen other drivers lose control because they are driving fast or hit ice. During winter drivers should carry snow chains or change their tires to snow tires so they will not get stuck in the snow. Winters is very unpredictable because on day it can be nice and clear and the next day it can be snowing. It is best to be prepare for whatever happens because you can get stranded during severe weather in the winter. Other drivers may think that because the weather is nice and clear that day that there are not and dangers on the roadway. In reality there can be anything on the road that can be dangers but in winter black ice is most dangers because it cannot be seen. Driving during summer or winter each have their difficulties while driving. It really doesn’t matter what session you are driving in

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