Kim Cardashin Short Story

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The story of Kim Cardashin As a baby, it’s said that Kim Cardashin was born with a steering wheel in her hand. She was no Randa in the streets of Miami. Her dad was a Nascar driver and she always strived to be better than him. She was faster than light, because she had will power. At age twenty- five Kim was taking a drive downtown going at a fast speed when she had a plow through with another car on the road. The po-po told her not to drive for a while. This had crushed her dreams of being a professional driver. One year later… “KIM!KIM!, LOOK AT THIS PAPER!! Her sister yelled as she rammed open the door. “Jeez i’ll look… under one condition-” Kim said before she got interrupted. “Uh, you don’t Have to see this…show more content…
“OH NO, WHAT DAY IS IT? Kim screamed in disbelief. Kim looked over at her phone instead of her clock to see if it was actually 10:00. “Phew, it's only 6:00” she said with relief. Kim got dressed and ready for her new job as an Uber driver. She had gone to the garage to get out her old car from her speeding days. She was kind of elicited to drive again. When she got into the car she kind of got worried thinking back to her reck. But she shook it off and drove to the boss head quarters to be verified as a driver. After 2 hours of talking, Kim was officially an uber driver. She had met a ton of people when driving them around in her car, and even better she got paid for it. She didn't ever want to lose her job, and she didn't think there would be a chance to. Until one day… Kim was about to get into her car when she saw a paper on her car window that had words on it. She ripped the paper off of her car to read it more closely. It read: ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL UBER DRIVERS, AS OF TODAY YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED. “what is this, this couldn't be true.” Kim said in disbelief. She decided to take this up with her boss. Surely he would know what was going on. Kim drove down to headquarters and walked right into his…show more content…
“Oh we aren't closing, we've just hired some… replacements.” Carl clarified. “What's that supposed to mean?” Kim said, clearly not understanding what was going on. “Well we've replaced you guys with self driving cars.”answered carl. “But I'm faster.” She pointed out. “I doubt that our cars are faster than any other.” Carl informed. “Let's just SEE about that, I challenge your cars to a race, and if I win I get to keep my job along with everyone else. Kim said with confidence. “Your on. If I win, then you will stay employed. It was the next day and the race was about to happen. The goal was to get five people to their destination first. Kim got into her car. A voice then called out: “one, two, three, go!” And they were off. It was less than a minute in and Kim had already dropped off two passengers the self driving car had only dropped one off. Until they were both neck and neck with only one passenger left. Her opposition was closer to the destination than her, but Kim slammed the gas pedal and caught up with it in fact it was too fast, but that didn't matter to her because she was in the lead and less than a second away from the

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