Buckle Up-New Jersey's Seat Belt Law

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By Wilson Pena Mr.Vander May Driver Education Period 1 10/4/2015 CHAPTER #3 Driver Responsibility: This shouldn’t even be a law; this should be common sense. Safety is ALWAYS first. No matter what you should take care of yourself and others around you. Even if it's inside or outside of your car you should watch your surroundings! “Buckle Up - New Jersey’s Seat Belt Law “ I didn’t even know we had a law for seat belts. The more you know, and it says “ Under state law, the driver and all passengers of a passenger vehicle (e.g. car, van, pickup truck and SUV) must wear a seatbelt. The failure of a driver, front-seat passenger…show more content…
“ Motorists with GDL permits or probationary licenses must use seat belts. Additionally, they must require all passengers seated anywhere in the vehicle to use seat belts. (N.J.S.A. 39:3-76.2f, 39:3-13, 39:3-13.2a, 39:3-13.4)” - {The New Jersey DRIVER MANUAL} Meaning if you have a (Graduated Driver Licensing) or GDL that person can be pulled over/given a ticket if they don't have their seatbelt…show more content…
So don't worry just know you need a new car. “Whatever car you're in , cars , vans , pick-up, and more vehicles like that need to make sure if any handicapped person are in your vehicle, they need to be safely check and taken care of while there in your car driving that person.The driver of a passenger vehicle including cars, vans, pick-up trucks and utility vehicles shall secure any passenger using a wheelchair in a properly adjusted and fastened wheelchair and occupant securement device. (N.J.S.A. 39:3-76.2l)” - { The New Jersey DRIVER

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