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FUT Hair Transplant FUT Hair Transplant FUT or follicular unit hair transplant is also known as strip surgery. it is one of the most commonly used procedures for hair transplant surgery. FUT hair transplant is an ideal choice for most people, who have a larger bald area. In this type of hair transplant procedure, the hair-bearing skin is extracted by using a scalpel from the back of a patient’s head and the gap at the back of the person’s head is sutured together. The hair strip is later divided into grafts consisting of one or two hair follicles and then implanted in the same way as FUE. FUT Hair Transplant Procedure FUT or Strip Hair Transplant A lot of information is available about FUT & FUE procedures on the internet but when it comes…show more content…
It is one of the best hair clinics that provide high-quality hair fall treatment for men. The ALCS hair fall specialists will look at you well and select you on the basis of whether you are the correct contender for FUT hair transplant surgery or not. You are considered perfect if you have a dense hair on your head that suits your personality. Most hair restoration clinic or hair replacement clinic like ALCS Jaipur provide best hair fall treatment for men. Most men are considered the right candidate for a FUT hair transplant surgery. On the off chance that you are in your early 20’s, you may be considered as not a suitable candidate for a hair fall treatment or hair transplant surgery until you are in your late 30’s. FUT hair transplant surgery procedure in Jaipur is done at one of the best hair clinics in Jaipur ALCS which is headed by Dr Sunil Arora. There are various FUT Hair transplant surgeons in India but very few well-experienced ones. One of them is Dr Sunil Arora from ALCS Jaipur. He has an experience of over 15 years of performing cosmetic surgeries hair transplant surgery, hair restoration treatment for men, hair replacement surgery for men in

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