Advantages Of Augmented Reality

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ABSTRACT Augmented Reality grabs the information from different sources and presents the information what the user needs and it can be enhance in all the senesce, but it is popular in visual applications. Smart phones became a nice platform for the augmented reality where it can use sensor, GPS, audio, video and touch get the information and display needed information. This application uses device camera, GPS, accelerometer and magnetic sensor of the device. In this paper the application has the layer which allows the user to follow the direction to reach destination. The layer will have virtual object on a real world view. Application takes the information from the GPS and sensor to direct user to the destination. The GPS reading of the device…show more content…
It will allow the user to get precise location and the accurate location by using GPS and the network. It uses GPS and network to show the directions to the destination. While driving the applicant has to save the location. The application will show the last known location. While selecting one of the location it will shows the virtual object on the camera view to show the direction on the real world view. By using GPS or network based location. Disadvantage: The application will not save the path automatically the applicant has to save it manually for every location. My Augmented Reality This application is based on augmented reality to navigate to destination location. Save the places if you already been to or search the destination. It will give you the direction on a map view or in Augmented Reality. It uses the GPS only to get accurate location. This application is used for hiking or walking and in abroad where we will not have any access to the internet or the applicant doesn’t know the places around so it can be useful if we get…show more content…
It takes the real world and adds the information on the real world screen. AR is now popular technology however Ivan Sutherland first introduced Augmented Reality when he developed see through HMD (head mounted display) in 1960. AR has more possibilities to develop more as having hardware sensors in the smart phones. In future there will be more scope to develop AR Technique. Augmented Reality is an advanced information technology which is used to improve user interaction by linking digital information such as sounds, hap-tic systems, scents and the objects in physical environment in real time. Augmented reality technically can be used to develop all five senses. But now it is only popular to use in visually. AR takes the information from any of the senses whether it is audio, video, or Touch and displays it in real-time environment to the user. AR takes the information from different techniques and displays needed information of the user. AR also have some of the social security troubles when it is developed more as the AR applications grabbing the private information of the person from the internet and shows it on the screen. AR IN

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