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NHow Hotel in Berlin, Germany is a design hotel designed by Karim Rashid, who is an acknowledged industrial designer and interior architect. He had previously collaborated with big brand names such as Kenzo, Alessi, Umbra etc. and designed concept store for famous brands such as Giorgio Armani. His famous style, known as “blobjects”, features curves and bright colors has been described as sensual minimalism. This signature style heavily influenced the application of color and pattern in the interior of NHow Hotel. NHow Hotel is designed to fit eclectic digi-pop concept. The main objective of the hotel itself is to create a space where people can be inspired with countless ideas. Hence, the notion of fluidity and continuity is pursued. It is…show more content…
The reason behind this is most likely the psychological effect the color has. The color pink is usually associated with romance and femininity. However, the color pink, also have calming effect upon a glance, and also exciting quality to it. It is what the hotel and the designer aim in utilizing such bright and stereotypical color. In this project, pink has more story than just being girly and sensual. The color pink has the potential to stand out as a fun gender-neutral color and it has been flawlessly demonstrated in this project. The toning and proportioning of pink color in the different room also helps in reducing overwhelming perception of this color. For spaces where excitement is pursued (lobby, lounge, bar, breakfast area), the color pink is dominant, saturated and bright. For places where calming effect is needed (bedroom, revitalization area, meeting room), the color pink is kept minimal and toned down. This arrangement is what successfully kept the application of color pink befitting and not over the…show more content…
His design has shown a lot of freedom and uncertainty in form and direction. However, as confusing as it sounds, his design has achieved what is there to be achieved: color therapy, continuity, movement, creativity, freedom, neutrality and much more. Even though his design might have lacked in theoretical aspect of color harmony, he makes it up with insightful and tasteful proportion, contrast and play in color saturation. In this project, not only he has shown the world the extent of his prowess in design field, he also successfully created a design that shows his own identity and give the color pink a new identity just by using the knowledge of effective and efficient color

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