Jared Diamond's Collapse Analysis

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Jared Diamond brings up many reasons as to why civilizations may collapse in his novel Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, and Scott Page critiques Diamond's ability to so. These reasons vary from natural disasters, to institutional and cultural failure, all the way to a society's relations with neighbouring countries. However, I believe that of all of Diamond's answers to Why do Civilizations Collapse, climate change is the most compelling. In Page's Are We Collapsing? A Review of Jared Diamond's Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, he brings up many points as to why Diamond's novel may be too fact driven, rather than being reality driven, especially when it comes to climate change. Page points out that Diamond finds the lasting of the Tikopians to be much more miraculous than it really is, because he is basing his reasoning off of cold, hard, facts rather than taking account of the society's past weather/natural disasters. Page explains that because the Tikopians were the victims of constant cyclones, their survival wasn't very out of the ordinary. They were able to analyze the destruction of the cyclones, and improve their protection towards them because they happened so frequently. Their past helped them prepare for the future, however, Diamond seemed to look…show more content…
As Page said, "Diamond describes the foot and a half high stacks of paper he gathered on each civilization, immersing himself in evidence before coming to any conclusions"(Journal of Economic Literature, Volume XLIII, page 1051). This seems to be the problem with his work. Unless the papers he was "immersed" in were filled with every small historical detail of the civilizations, he most likely didn't know everything he could've about those

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