Deaf Culture Analysis

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While reading the article 5 Views on Deaf Culture I learned about the different ways Deaf people and hearing people viewed the Deaf culture. The different parts of Deaf culture were interesting because I never knew about any of these things before reading this article. Learning about their capabilities and their cultural norms put it in perspective that the Deaf community is important and should be taught to people to stop the divide of the Deaf and hearing communities. One of the first things that was mentioned by a Deaf women named Barbara Kannapell who was the daughter of Deaf parents was that there are two perspectives on Deaf people. She felt culturally, what Deaf people do and how they act is completely different than how their minds work and what their weaknesses are. I thought it was interesting how Kannapell points out what the hearing community sees in the Deaf community from an inside perspective. The second fact I found interesting was when people are more educated about the Deaf community and their capabilities. When people realize that Deaf people are not different from…show more content…
Deaf people are passionate about art whether its in the paintings they paint or in their photography. Their “oral literature” is another creative way that the Deaf community passes down stories from generation to generation. I did not know prior to reading this article that the Deaf community was so passionate toward the arts and had “oral” stories. Creativity is used in the Deaf community and special tradition and it is shown in their everyday lives. The last fact I found in this article was about cultural norms in the Deaf community. Deaf people do certain things in their lives everyday that people who are outsiders of the Deaf community would have no idea about. I did not know that the Deaf community had “cultural norms” because I did not realize that being Deaf came with it’s own

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