Essay Comparing Frankenstein And Blade Runner

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Texts express didactic messages which can transcend the confines of space and time. The capability of texts to achieve this is manifest in Mary Shelly’s Gothic fiction novel “Frankenstein” and Ridley Scott's “Blade Runner”. Shelly condemns her society's hubris as they attempt to exploit the world through scientific advancements and attempt to “play God”. Scott further typifies this as he demonstrates the resulting chaos that ensues from humanities folly, but shifts his criticism towards corporate greed and capitalism. Shelley forewarns her society of their unbridled need to assume power and achieve reanimation. This warning is demonstrated through the character of Victor Frankenstein. Victor's self-aggrandising diction “many excellent natures would owe their being to me” depicts the arrogance of scientists during The Age of Enlightenment. The statement he makes, “lost all soul or sensation but for this one pursuit”,…show more content…
The omniscient eye motif portrays the excessive need for authority and power in totalitarian society. Similar to Shelley, Scott conveys this through the character of Tyrell, a corporate giant whose capitalist greed and desire is typified in his slogan “commerce is our goal”. Tyrell's indifferent attitude towards the death of his on creations demonstrated in the line “A light that shines twice as brightly shines half as long” demonstrates the lack of empathy Tyrell feels towards the suffering of others, indicated by his “matter-of-fact” tone. This is reinforced with multiple low-angle shots of Tyrell's monolithic pyramid, highlighting his commanding ascendancy over the poverty stricken surroundings. This is a reflection of the rapid expansion of multinational corporations, as Scott scorns man's capitalist greed, unlike Shelley's condemnation of scientific

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