Daylight Savings Time

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Jacob Starner Mrs. Mathews LA/5th Hr 21/11/14 Why I approve Daylight Savings Time. “It reduces car accidents and some countries consider that the most important” (Petru). “Daylight Savings Time (DST) was invented for farmers to get them extra hour of sunlight during the summer, increasing crop production and helping the economy” (Wikipedia). Starting in the second Sunday of March, people turn their clocks forward to simulate the extra hour of sunlight and vice versa in the fall. But now, it is the 21st century - now that farms are industrial in size, in theory farmers have no need for that extra hour of sunlight. Why should Americans support Daylight Savings Time? I believe that the practice of Daylight Savings Time is beneficial…show more content…
In an article written by Alexis Petru (2012), he states that the Department of Energy researched the use of energy and that DST saves energy for Americans. DST does this by making people use less energy for light in the morning and increasing light in the evening, therefore saving energy and money from light bulb use. Moreover, DST spreads out the use of electricity. Here Petru explains, “Daylight savings time doesn’t just decrease the amount of energy consumed, but it also changes when energy is used, spreading it out more evenly over the course of the day and reducing peak times of energy demand when energy provider have to run their least efficient backup power plants” (Petru, 2012). California is a great example of this, saving around .93% of energy use per day when on DST(Petru, 2012). In conclusion to this argument I have proved that Daylight Savings Time saves energy by spreading out the peak hours, giving more light in the morning and giving more light in the…show more content…
It helps the economy by adding an extra hour, increasing business hours and sales. Petru explains, “While less time at home in the evenings may not help the broadcasting industry-Petru points to studies that show a decrease in TV ratings during DST- other businesses cash in, since people tend to shop more when they're out of the house”(Petru, 2012). Another expert explains, “The majority of businesses and retailers report increased profits during DST as well as reduced energy costs as there is less need for artificial light resulting in smaller heating bills and cheaper electricity prices, helping businesses save money and putting more into their business” (Jess in Winter, 2013). She also states that “Another little known advantage for business is that shoplifting rates go dramatically down. For example a thief is more likely to shoplift knowing that he can run down a poorly lit street when the clocks go back, than he is knowing he’s got to run in broad daylight in DST”(Jess in Winter, 2013). In conclusion to this argument I have shown that DST helps the economy by reducing crime, increased shopping time and helps businesses by reducing heat and electricity

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