How Does Society Use Daylight Saving Time

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Does society still need to use Daylight Saving Time? Daylight saving time is when you adjust your clocks 1 hour ahead from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. Benjamin Franklin invented it in 1784. He invented it too save candles during the spring months. Some people think that daylight saving time saves energy, but with the technological advances we have today, daylight saving time is no longer necessary in today’s society. Daylight saving time is not necessary to still use, because it can disrupt typical patterns like traveling, sleep patterns, and it can also cause medical issues. Clock shifts can mess up traveling because it can cause many delays. For example, the train scheduled to leave at two o’ clock in…show more content…
Therefore, clock shifts have health issues associated with them. When people’s sleep schedule gets disrupted, people pay less attention and are less productive. On the other hand, daylight saving time decreases car crashes because it is more likely to be light outside. There are economic costs too. By taking 10 minutes to adjust your clocks twice a year the cost could be up to 2 billion dollars. The average person’s hourly wage is $17.57. When they take 10 minutes out to change their clocks they lose about $2.93 out of their wage. Then you would multiply the total population by 2.93 (excluding Arizona’s population), which is about 860 million dollars. Next, you would multiply 860 million dollars by two because you have to reset the clocks twice a year which is about 1.7 billion dollars (Mark Perry, 2013). In a recent study scientists have found out that daylight saving time does not save energy. Even though lighter evenings reduce the use of light, the heat made people turn on air conditioners to make it colder. By people turning on their air conditioners, they use more energy in the evening time (Christopher Klein,

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