Darkness Will Shadow

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Darkness Will Shadow The Pearl was a novella written by an American author named John Steinbeck. The book was published in 1947. La Paz, a Mexican village, is where the characters seemed to be living. After Kino, the main character, found a magnificent pearl, he seeks to live a wealthy life with his wife, Juana, and first born infant, Coyotito. Unfortunately, the path to a wealthy life brought many complications to his loved ones. Kino, the protagonist, has a strong love for this family, his culture and his traditions. He opposes the ones who look down on his people. Everyone who tries to take the pearl is considered to be the antagonist. The antagonist include the doctor, priest, pearl buyer, intruders, thieves, beggars,…show more content…
Even though they know that the doctor would be no use, for the sake of their child they still choose to go find him for help. After they got there, they realized that he wouldn't help them because they were poor, so they went pearl diving hoping for a miracle. Finally the miracle happened and he found the jackpot. At the same time Coyotito’s injury healed by itself. Even before they got back to their home, the news that Kino found the pearl has traveled through the village. Everyone was waiting for Kino’s family to return and tried to take advantage of Kino in many different ways to get to the pearl. Soon he decides to sell the pearl but the pearl buyers lowered the true value, so he decided to go straight to the capital to see if he could sell the pearl for more. Juana, his wife, fears that the pearl will bring serious damage to them and tries to dispose it but Kino finds out. Kino was furious at Juana so he beats her. Despite the fact that Kino hurt Juana, they returned to their house together. After they began to head back to the house, an assaulter attacks them and to defend themselves, Kino kills him. They soon decide to leave the village and head to the capital. While they were on their way, they became conscious that someone was following them. Later that night the trackers heard a cry that they thought was a coyote. They soon shoot toward the
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