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Stacy Karpovtsev Ms. Hertz English II Gifted 2 October 2015 Fahrenheit 451 and A Wizard of EarthSea Essay In the classical battle of good versus evil, light always dominates the numerous forms of evil. Fahrenheit 451 describes the life of an ordinary fireman who transforms into an intellectual being through the knowledge he gains while reading books, which are illegal in his society, and transform his views on the world. A Wizard of EarthSea recounts an ordinary boy who learns the craft of magic and sets out on a journey to defeat the unknown evil force that follows him. In the novels Fahrenheit 451 and A Wizard of EarthSea, Bradbury and Le Guin demonstrate that good prevails over evil through the use of imagery of the burning books in Fahrenheit…show more content…
As Montag finds his way through a burning house, books bombard his shoulders, “A book lit, almost obediently, like a white pigeon, …in the dim, wavering light, a page hung open and it was like a snowy feather” (Bradbury 34). This luminous book represents a candle in dark room, a single solitary flame that burns and catches the glimpse of Montag, who becomes immediately bewildered by such lightness among burning ashes. Flames engulf the house, thick smoke fills the air, yet the snow-white book, blinded by hope, finds its way into the hands of Montag. The detailed wording and use of a familiar archetype, the color white, representing transcendence, faith and peace, acts as this book compares to a white pigeon among black crows. In the beginning of the novel, the author depicts Montag as part of a destructive society with a python-like brass nozzle that spews Kerosine on the white pages of books. At this point of the novel, Montag is evoked with feelings of goodness in his mind, allowing for a connection and questioning deep inside of him that turns into a quest for truth and prevailing over evil uncertainties. Until this point of time, goodness has been hidden in dark rooms on dusted shelves, but now, with a glimpse of a simple white page transcending the darkness, good prevails over…show more content…
In the final pages of the novel, Ged faces the disfigured darkness, “Ged reached out his hands, dropping his staff, and took hold of his shadow, of the black self that reached out to him. Light and darkness met, and joined, and were one” (Le Guin 251). As Ged initiates his developmental journey a dark evening on Roke Island, the shadow lingers behind him, containing all his inner fears, weaknesses and becoming a nefarious form that is bound to kill him from within. The shadow symbolizes the inner demons in Ged that never dare step into the sun rays and only exist deep within. The perspective Ged has on the world gradually changes as he anticipates and cannot help but foresee the possibility of a death ahead of him. The courage Ged gains by going on this journey allows for his goodness to overpower the evil, even when they become one. At the beginning of the novel, Ged is unable to complete this task due to his lack of courage and inability to control his jealousy. By breaking down his defense mechanisms and overcoming the dark force with goodness, good triumphs over

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