Dance Monologue

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Dance being an enormous part of my life, has taken many roles. It’s more than a body flowing rhythmically to music, or just a sequence of steps. Dance is a stress reliever, a safe place where I can forget my worries, it is pure enjoyment. I began dancing at three years old and attended prestigious schools including Ballet Academy East, Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey, and LaGuardia H.S., all to ensure I receive the best training. I was told from a young age I was very talented, that I would be successful, maybe even famous. As my training progressed, I was one of the best dancers and only experienced the utmost success. It was not until I was sixteen that I felt the profound ache of defeat at something I loved and never failed before.…show more content…
I thought she came over to assert a snide remark as most dancers do when they see their competitors fail. But in fact, she offered help. She had the most sincere and gentle voice so I felt relieved and less alone. We went over the dance countless times and yet, I accomplished inadequate improvement. I finally came to terms that I was not going to master the combination that day. I felt distressed, but had a realization. Regardless of how talented I, or anyone else thought I was, I still needed to work just as hard, and sometimes harder than others, navigating through dead ends and wrong turns. When the audition concluded, I spent part of the day frustrated, tuning out my mother's words of consolation. I learned failure is inevitable, but when you fail, there will be somebody to help you. No matter how good you are at something, you can fail at any time, but with failure comes two choices afterwards, to either give up because I failed, or to surmount it. To see where along the journey I went wrong and never do it again. Failure is not fatal, and the fear of failure is the only thing that can bring us to a brief halt of achieving our goal. Often short term failure is the first step to long term success. Although this time intimidation got the best of me, I recovered in time to see that the bond I share with dance can never be broken. I will always strive, regardless of any failure, to be the professional dancer I
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