How Is Mama Presented In The Crucible

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Every family faces hardships that they are forced to overcome, whether it be financially or problems within the family itself. For the Younger family, both of those seem to be against them. Living in a small apartment in 1950’s Chicago, they face the reality of living as an African American family in a time where “successful” jobs are dominated by the Caucasian side of society. When Lena Younger finds herself with a check for $10,000 from her deceased husband’s insurance money, she is put in the spotlight of her loved ones with the responsibility of spending it wisely. While Mama wishes to benefit the entire family, her son Walter has a different idea as to how they should go about spending it. In “A Raisin in the Sun”, Lorraine Hansberry uses the progression of empathy and compassion in Mama to show how powerful her nurturing personality can be when influencing those around her.…show more content…
However, she was not necessarily empathetic toward what they wanted. Walter Lee had a preconceived idea about being a successful man and, although his plan had multiple holes in it, Mama did not even give Walter a chance to explain why this was so important to him. Her intentions were good, though her empathy faltered as she brushed off her son’s dreams. “I don’t ‘low no yellin’ in this house, Walter Lee, and you know it. And there ain’t gonna be no investing in no liquor stores” (70). It is understandable that Mama may hold concerns toward this idea, such as the reliability or the likelihood of this plan backfiring. Mama has bigger dreams for her family, dreams that will ensure the success of those she loves most to better their lives without relying on a business. However, she begins to realize that while she does not agree with his ambitions, she must not treat him without the trust and respect he

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