Summary Of Chapter 4 Of The Great Gatsby

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“Getting To Know Gatsby” Throughout The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, for each chapter there are no titles, giving the reader the chance to create their own. Instead of providing a title for each chapter which would have given the reader some insight to what the chapter was going to be about, Fitzgerald didn't supply titles for this novel. This added a sort of mystery to the book itself, giving no insight, and leaving the reader to come up with their own titles. Chapter Four, as I titled, Getting To Know Gatsby, is the chapter where the reader learns a little more about Gatsby and his past. The reader finds out where Gatsby is from, educated, got his money, and about his old love, Daisy Buchanan. Getting To Know Gatsby is an appropriate title for Chapter Four since Chapter Four is the chapter where the reader finds out more information on Gatsby.…show more content…
As Gatsby has lunch with his neighbor, Nick Carraway, he tells him about where he is from and educated, as well as where he gets all his money. Gatsby tells Nick he is from the Middle West, specifically San Francisco, and educated at Oxford because all of his ancestors had been educated there as well. Also, Gatsby tells Nick, “My family all died and I came into a good deal of money" which allowed him to travel throughout the European capitals where he collected jewels and rubies, hunted, painted, and tried to escape a sad memory. This shows how Gatsby has gone into detail about his past and the reader is now more familiar with him since they are finding out more information as he tells Nick, and the reader, more and more of his past. This is why Getting To Know Gatsby works as a title for Chapter

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