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Go Ask Alice Book Report by Hannah Workman Go Ask Alice by an anonymous author is based on a fifteen-year-old girl’s diary. In this diary she explains the trouble she has with her appearance, school trouble, relationship problems, and worst of all; how she gets involved with drugs. I recommend this book because it’s very engaging. It all started when Alice’s father got a new job and causes the family to move across the country. Alice becomes very depressed and insecure when she has to start at a new school and can’t seem to make friends. She becomes so depressed that she stops caring about her appearance. Soon she meets a young girl named Beth and they instantly become close. Alice has plans to go back home to her grandparents’ house for the summer. There, she…show more content…
She finds herself hanging around people who also love to get high, instead of her best friend, Beth. She soon starts to date a guy named Richie, who is a bad influence on Alice. Richie tells Alice to sell drugs to kids, kids as young as nine-years-old. Alice feels as if maybe she is doing the wrong thing, but continues because she loves her boyfriend. Everything changes when her and her new friend, Chris, walk in on Ted, her other friend, and Richie having sex. Her and Chris reported them to the cops and ran away to San Francisco. Alice and Chris move around from city to city and she hits her lowest point. Alice is still using drugs, now is self-harming, and turns to prostitution for money. They soon get homesick, though, and decide to call their parents to go back home. While home, Alice decides to never use again. She gets back on track; has a good boyfriend, gets better grades, and has a better relationship with her parents. That soon comes to an end when her food gets spiked, yet again, with LSD. She became addicted again which causes Alice to have a mental breakdown. Alice’s parents are then forced to send her to an insane asylum for

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