How Does Charlotte Bronte Use Gothic Elements

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Charlotte Bronte makes her stories more influential and interesting by using gothic elements in her stories. When Jane is trapped in the red room, she sees the late Mr. Reed’s ghost. The red room is where Mr. Reed used to sleep. It is called the red room due to its red interior. Mrs. Reed sent her there because she thought Jane attacked John Reed. However, the truth is John threw a book at Jane, hitting her in the head. Then Jane yelled back at him. He jumped at her and Jane hit back. That made John bleed and Mrs. Reed just saw that, so she punished Jane instead of John. They took Jane up the stairs to the red room and locked her in. Jane started thinking how different it would be if Mr. Reed, Mrs.’s Reed husband, was still alive. All of a…show more content…
Mason’s injuries in the middle of the night. Jane was sleeping and the light of the moon had woken her up. Soon after she woke up, a loud cry pierced through the house. She could hear people above her fighting. Jane peaked out her door and saw the other guests out in the corridor, also. Mr. Rochester showed up and said that one of the servants had a nightmare and that was it. However, Jane knew there was more to the story. She went back into her room to get dressed. A knock was heard at her door. It was Mr. Rochester. He wanted her assistance. Before he opened the door to the room that was above Jane, he asked her if she faints at the sight of blood. A hidden door was exposed and a light could be seen from within the room. Jane could hear some snarling like a dog from the room. Mr. Rochester went in there, talked to whatever was in there, and then latched the door. Mason was on a chair next to the bed. He was pale and one arm was almost covered in blood. The surgeon came and unwrapped his arm. There were bite marks. Jane proceeded to help them. Then, Mason left before the guest woke. The gothic elements in this scene are the full moon, the scream, Mr. Rochester hiding what really happened, the secret room and the bite marks. This scene was one of the most

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