Analyzing The Movie 'Liar'

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Movie "Liar Liar" The Main Premise Liar Liar as directed by Tom Shadyac is a sloppy comedy that is way beyond what is referred to as a mainstream film, but much less than any horrible tale. Guay and Mazur mix the screen play with sentimentality and gags and even the audience that does not know Fletcher does enjoy. The movie constitutes of winking, vulgarity, sexual instances, and double-entendres all contributing towards laughter, and delighting children. The movie’s main premise is honesty. The joke of forced candor refreshes realism despite the fact that John Carrey acting as Fletcher is reduced to just shouting as he forces himself to lie, and cannot manage. This instance in the movie almost causes it to run out of flow, though Fletcher…show more content…
The four main characters are Jim Carrey starring as Fletcher Reede, his ex-wife Maura Tierney as the Audrey Reede, Justin Cooper as Max Reede which is Fletcher’s son, and Carry Elwes as Jerry, and Amanda Donohoe as Miranda whom is Fletcher’s employer. Other actors contributing effectively to the plot were Jennifer Tilly as Samantha Cole and Jason Bernard as Judge Marshall Stevens. The movie Liar Liar incorporated teen actress Sara Paxton participating as Max’s classmate and attendant during his birthday party. Besides the actors and actresses, the movie is also famous for being the last to film Jason Bernard, who died upon the accomplishment of the movie’s filming, thus being devoted to his…show more content…
After Mrs. Cole’s court case, Fletcher enters the same elevator with a woman with very huge breasts and horribly embarrassed, he starts questioning whether she was new in the building with a grin on his face. Cheerfully, the lady answers that she had just moved in and everybody had been nice to her. Unable to lie, Fletcher comments that it was because of her big jugs before correcting himself to “your boobs are huge”. The comment made by Fletcher illustrates gender intimidation at its highest point. His distasteful comments in front of several people on the elevator made the woman feel very uncomfortable especially being new to building. This form of masculine communication demonstrates his direct sexist desires for women. The communication indicated that he wanted to sleep with this woman even though he had just met her on the elevator. However, when exiting, he holds onto his face, after a huge, firm, well-deserve wallop to the eye, probably for being embarrassed for having to tell the truth in such a straight-forward manner. Fletcher’s masculine communication also involved flirting with women in the office and on one occasion when asked how he was, Fletcher said

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