Personal Narrative: The Halloween Anxiety

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The halloween scare It was April 18, 2012 I was at the mall with my mom and my sister, we were in a scary halloween store when suddenly, the lights when out. It made me so scared my mouth started to shake, I started to suck on my thumb, then I bumped into something and I screamed super loud like i got punched in the face. The lights turned back on after 30 seconds and at that moment I saw my mom and my sister. My sister gave me the you-just-hit-me-in-the-face look. She was about to tell my mom when the lights went out again. Imagine your eyes closed shut then glued shut that what it looked like. I started sweating and sweating and sweating. I started to run around screaming mom mom mom I accidently ran out of the store when the lights turned back on. My mom got so mad at me she did the…show more content…
I was so scared at that point the lights went out 3 times so far. I finally found the store again. My mom was not mad at me because she said “it's ok you can't see because the lights were out its ok.” At that point I knew I was not in trouble that I left the store. So for like a hour the lights kept flickering off and on. I was so scared at this point I was about to faint. My mom kept saying to me “It's ok it's ok it's ok.” My mom I and left the store and we got home. At that moment my mom and I realized that WE FORGOT MY SISTER AT THE STORE! My mom got in the car like a cheetah chasing its dinner. My mom was speeding down the highway so fast, I was surprised that we did not get a ticket. When we got to the store my sister gave my mom the I-am-so-done-with-you-right-now look. My mom tried to apologize so much that my mom said “I will give you that new phone you wanted. In my head I was like for real when you forgot me at school you said sorry and got me ice cream. You forget her and now you are

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