Rocky: Disrespect In Rocky's Life

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Rocky withstands a lot of disrespect from many of the people in his life within the movie, especially from his coaches and friends. Rocky's coaches and friends are disrespectful in the way that as soon as news about the fight between Apollo and Rocky goes public, his friends started to offer help to Rocky that was not previously available to him. This seemed out of character for his friends as if it was misguided help correlating with his sudden opportunity. For instance, Mickey, his future trainer, goes to Rocky’s house offering to train him. On paper that sounds like Mickey only had the intentions of helping Rocky, but it was disrespectful because, according to Rocky, in the 10 years he has known Mickey he’s never offered to help him once.…show more content…
Pauly, in a drunken rage, tells Rocky to leave his house and starts going on about how now that Rocky is in the limelight he does not even throw a crumb to his friend Pauly. Along with many more exclamations Pauly slurs at Rocky, he starts to smash furniture with a bat while saying that he will break both of Rocky’s arms so they don't work and he can’t fight, as if Rocky was a stranger to him. That kind of disrespect Rocky could not brush off so he grabs Pauly by the neck and just stares at him with a look of disgust while silently saying, “what is wrong with you” or “where do you get off” type of disgusted stare. The most important instance in the movie in which Rocky is disrespected by a coach or friend, is when he is stripped of his locker. Rocky comes in to train the day after a fight, when he notices his locker was unjustly given to a new fighter. Along with the fact that Rocky has trained at the same gym for almost six years, he won his fight the previous night, yet his locker was given away to someone

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