Cultural Competency

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There are many challenges and opportunities created for health care workers with the increases in diversity, to deliver culturally competent services. (Bainbridge, McCalman, Clifford & Tsey, 2015) state that cultural competency is the “key to reducing inequalities in healthcare access and the quality and effectiveness of care received”. Cultural competence refers to “behaviours, attitudes, and policies” that consistently guide health care systems and workers to work effectively in cross cultural situations (Brusin, 2012). It expands into the idea and ability of workers in the healthcare system especially radiography to work and care for patients who have diverse values, beliefs and behaviours in a way that is socially, culturally and linguistically…show more content…
X was an elderly, 87-year-old patient, of Aboriginal descent. There are many cultural differences and sensitivities associated with the Aboriginal culture and people. Effective communication is of crucial importance in all areas of healthcare (Lowell, 2015). It is important to find out which language the patient understands, and if the English language is limited it is vital to have an interpreter or another family member who can translate the medical terminology (Communicating Effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, 2015). This helps in ensuring that the patient understands what is required of them. In radiography there are different ways to position patients and the patient needs to understand and cooperate with the instructions being provided so high quality images are produced without the need for repeat images and unnecessary…show more content…
Therefore, it is important to maintain confidentiality, and steps should be taken to ensure that confidential information is not discussed in public areas. This concept of shame has a greater meaning to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people than just embarrassment and shyness (Communicating Effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, 2015). This is particularly important when discussing sensitive issues such as pregnancy and sexual

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