Human Anatomy Poem Essay

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Paula Ellison HS 5200 9/27/15 Human Anatomy Poem Male: My testes are paired. My Scrotum is bare. Awaiting my epididymis to reward my vas deferens with my seminal fare. It passes through my abdominal cavity and fills my ejaculation facility, giving me semen to fulfil my fruitful responsibilities. The semen secretes which gets me moisture from three. The prostate, the Cowper gland and the seminal vesicles must be. They sit at the bottom and lay wait the strength to meet the eggs then my destiny is complete. I’m a winner. Female: I have two pairs as well, in the shadow they dwell, awaiting the oogenesis to take place month after month. The winner this month may be righty or leftie. Who knows, only god, not me. Either way it goes is not my

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