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R.J. Palacio’s Wonder explores the misfortune of a boy with a facial deformity and the struggles of the main character August Pullman and how he copes with the mistreatment he receives from others. August Pullman was born with a facial deformity, that throughout the book, defines him. , August doesn’t like they way he looks he calls himself a “ prehistoric swamp thing “ when he tries to eat. His misfortune is made worse when his parents enroll him in school, there he meets many children who laugh, stare and make fun of him due to his face. He gets stared at by the other students and he is completely aware of it ‘ I could tell I was being stared at without even looking up’. R.J. Palacio’s novel shows the misfortune of people who have no control…show more content…
I know ordinary kids don’t get stared at wherever they go”. The embarrassment he faces is shown in this quote “ I wanted a hole I could fall inside of” Wonder shows that the ‘weak’ or disadvantaged are taken advantage of and bullied by the ‘stronger’ people in the world. August is used to people staring at him and try’s his best to cope with it because he knows there is nothing he can do about it. “I’m kind of used to how I look by now. I know how to pretend’ August copes by pretending he doesn’t notice everybody starring at him and keeping his head down wherever he walks. Onz Halloween he says “I was starting to think this was going to go down as one of the most awesome days in the history of life’ this quote show that he enjoys life when people can’t see him because of his mask and people treat him like normal person. He focuses on looking forward to the days people can’t see his face instead of focusing on all the bad things people say and do to hurt him. On Halloween people judge August for who he is under the mask because they can’t see what he really looks

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