Cross Country Coaches Research Paper

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As a cross country runner my coach has the most influence on my running and how I and my team perform. There is nothing worse that having a bad coach, someone who does not care about your running career. A good cross country coaches primary goal should be to get their team to top performance by the end of the season. Good cross country coaches understand their sport, they get to know and motivate their runners, and have a real passion for the sport. Coaches are responsible for training their runners, preparing workouts, explaining running techniques, and helping their runners recover. All of these aspects of coaching are necessary to build a strong cross country team. There is no perfect workout that makes every runner perfect, instead a coach has to develop workouts that will strengthen the team as a whole. To maximize a runner’s performance their coach must teach them proper running form and help them implement in daily practice. One of the most important aspects of coaching is runner recovery. If a coach does not help his runners recover properly after an injury or hard workout they are likely to make any current problems worse. Coaches should also recognize when their runners have sustained a serious injury and help them recover from it. If a coach does not do his job properly his runners are less likely to succeed and more likely to injure themselves.…show more content…
They should have the desire to impart their knowledge of running down to other runners and to guide them to their best. The more desire a coach has to teach and guide runners the more time, effort, and money he will put into the sport. While some coaches are only coaching as a side job to earn extra cash my coach frequently pays for team expenses from his own personal wallet. This dedication to the sport and the runners is a

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