Cross Country Skiing Research Paper

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Cross-country skiing is a very rigorous sport. It is an individual sport that you have to devote yourself to in the winter if you want to succeed at it. Athletes of all ages, from high school to elite racers, take serious pride in what they do. Cross-country skiing is a sport that uses most of the muscles in your body, and if you want to become a great racer you need to find ways to utilize and strengthen your bones and your muscles. There are many ways that you can strengthen yourself for the winter sport. Professional skiers will go to great lengths thorough out the year to stay in shape for cross- country skiing. Cross-country skiing is a winter sport that was discovered and mainly used in Scandinavia many years ago. The Vikings used it to get around during the brutal winters. They used this type of transportation as a quicker way to get around. The technique was soon brought to the Americas.…show more content…
It is mainly used for leisure skiing or competition. You can either leisurely ski on a weekend trip or day trip up in the woods, or you can competitively ski in races with many people in all types of weather. Athletes who are really into competing will do anything to ski, even sand skiing. Which is going to the beach in the summer and skiing around on the sand and in the water that rises onto the shore. The best way to increase your stamina and build your muscle for skiing is to actually get out and ski on the snow. (Collegium 283) Some people will roller ski to get ready for the winter. It is possible that you might see people rolling about with poles and elongated rollerblades. All athletes of different ages, from high school to professional racers will spend about half of their dry land training time on roller skis and the other half is spent on running, weight training, and core

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