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How much longer are we going to sit idly by while the government and big corporations take advantage of us? How much longer are we going to feign ignorance? We should be past the point of wealthy, influential people taking advantage of their clients or the common citizen. We’ve seen so many incidences of unlucky people getting misled and mistreated by people who possess power. No matter whether or not someone is working or if someone is unemployed, they somehow end up getting taken advantage of. I’m tired of seeing this happen. I’m tired of seeing the poor being taken advantage of by people who know better. I’m tired of seeing workers, especially children, being injured and the employers not caring. I’m tired of the unsafe and unsanitary conditions…show more content…
In Ida B. Wells’ Lynch Law in America, I was able to see how sometimes it’s poor citizens hurting other poor citizens. Wells is able to discuss misinformation about lynching. She also provides evidence of the motivation that leads to lynching. Wells discusses how lynching evolved to a tool of terror in the South, especially used towards African Americans. As stated in George Washington Plunkitt’s “Honest and Dishonest Graft”, “…but I’ve not gone in for dishonest graft – blackmailin’ gamblers, saloonkeepers, disorderly people, etc…” Plunkitt explains that you are able to get rich without being dishonest. He describes honest graft as using connection and your knowledge to enrich yourself. Plunkitt’s example of honest graft is buying land, which he knew was needed for public projects, and then to sell them at an inflated price. In Carrie Chapman Catt’s “Why the Federal Amendment”, I was able to gain the knowledge of why the federal amendment was needed. I gained the knowledge that by having this we would be able to keep pace with other countries and to have equal rights we need it. I think this would be best to gain the rights we

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