Creon Character Analysis

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Creon’s Downfall “You're not honoring that by trampling on the gods’ prerogatives”(Lines 850-51) When Creon is being too arrogant and not abiding by the rules that’s already set by the gods’ before he became king. Haemon’s words, actions, and ideas contrast with Creon’s character to the point of these two characters having conflict motivations. These conflicting motivations cause the characteristics of unreasonableness, quickness to anger, and disrespectful to be highlighted within Creon’s character. In the end, these conflicting motivations develop Creon as a tragic hero by him having a free choice which makes it his own downfall, and the character interactions advance the plot by Creon gaining self knowledge before his downfall but it’s…show more content…
We see the evidence from the text when Haemon poses his argument in support of Antigone, Creon stubbornly refuses to listen to his side. “It seems as if this boy is fighting on the woman’s side.” (Lines 843-845) Says Creon while arguing with his son Haemon. “Am I to rule this land at someone else’s whim or by myself?” (Lines 840-841) Creon questioning to Haemon.. Creon’s character is developed as a tragic hero when Haemon says something to enrage and anger Creon. We see evidence from the text when Haemon starts to side with Antigone and disobeys his father.”No, not when I see you making a mistake and being unjust.” (Lines 847-848) Haemon points out. “You’ll regret parading what you think like this-you-a person with an empty brain!” (Lines 862-863) Creon responded in an angry tone. Highly furious, that his own son would side with anyone other than his father. The character interactions between Haemon and Creon advance the plot by Creon having a very disrespectful tone towards Haemon. We see evidence from the text when Haemon’s respectful tone is a direct contrast to Creon’s disrespectful attitude towards his son, Haemon, when he is telling Creon how he isn’t doing his job as a king. “You foul creature - you're worse than any woman.” (Lines 852-853) Creon says. “You’re the worst there is - you set your judgement up against your father.” (Lines 845-846) Creon says,

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