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Looking at Antigone and Dallas together makes it clear that compromising values impacts and intervenes between families, but allows one to gain power expeditiously. Thus, we should realize that ethical values are important to society, and without ethics modern civilization could not function properly. While the backgrounds of these two characters differ, Creon and J.R. Ewing are indistinguishable. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, I find that arrogance is fairly common among leaders. An arrogant man is infrequently capable of making good decisions. Imagine living in a world where loyalty did not exist and was undervalued. Loyalty keeps families, organizations, and countries together. Loyalty safeguards confidential information;…show more content…
The unspoken way of communication is respect, thus respecting people shows good character. Creon and J.R show zero respect towards their families. By abandoning the principle respect, Creon loses majority of his family. J.R loses the trust of his mother to run Ewing oil. Creon states to Antigone “Spit her out, like a mortal enemy—let the girl go. Let her find a husband down among the dead”. Creon disrespects Antigone, Antigone is engaged to Haemon. Creon breaks Antigone engagement with his son Haemon by sentencing Antigone to death. Haemon commits suicide because he cannot honor his father Creon knowing his actions against Antigone. Creon states “Anarchy!—show me a greater crime in all the earth”. Creon justifies his actions towards Haemon and Antigone by arguing for his laws. Stated by J.R, “Why does everyone think that I am always up to something?” J.R loses respect from his brothers, wife, mother, and business partners. When J.R was not evolved in scandals, which was rare, J.R would be investigated for other people’s scandals. Doing the first five seasons of Dallas J.R did enough to ruin his image. J.R was involved in sex scandals, foreign affairs, and murders during Dallas thirteen year run. Stated by Miss Ellie to J.R, “I may never forgive you for this”. J.R tricked his mother into signing contracts to allow drilling on South fork Ranch. South fork Ranch belongs to Miss Ellie, and she was against drilling for oil on her ranch.…show more content…
The last universal value I believe Creon and J.R compromised was caring. The king of Thebes was Creon and the CEO of Ewing Oil was J.R. Leaders must be concerned for the wellbeing of self, individuals and the environment. Creon and J.R careless attitudes melted their personal and business relationships, along with their disloyal, disrespectful, and unfair behavior. Stated by Haemon to Antigone “no marriage could ever mean more to me than you, whatever good direction you may offer”. Creon’s son Haemon planned to marry Antigone according to the Antigone storyline. Creon did not care enough to stop the execution of Antigone. Haemon was devastated his dad carried out the execution of Antigone. Creon could have stopped the execution, Creon knew he was wrong about his decision on Polyneices burial. Stated by Creon, “I’m not about to prove myself a liar, not to my people, no, I’m going to kill her” Creon stands by his word to kill Antigone. Sometimes it takes a tragic event to make a person believe their wrong. Antigone kills herself and Haemon kills himself due to Antigone killing herself. Creon’s wife kills herself due to Haemon and Antigone killing themselves. Creon realizes his faults by the end of Antigone, but his family are dead. Stated by J.R to Pam, “No I don't give a damn about your happiness”. Pam is the daughter of Digger Barnes, Ewing family enemy. Pam marries J.R’s brother Bobby. J.R dislikes Pam due

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