Drug Addiction In Pakistan Essay

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Malik Osama Rabbani (21118) Noor Ul Emaan (21012) Hassan Mehmood (19614) Hassan Ali (18390) Drug Addiction in Pakistan; A threat, A Challenge Drug addiction is defined by the dictionary as compulsive and out-of-control drug use, despite negative consequences. It is a brain disease which is relapsing in nature. (DSM5) In the last few decades, drug addiction has increased aggressively in Pakistan. According to the United Nations Office on Narcotics and Crime, Pakistan has up to 6.7 million drug users. 4 million and above of these are addicts, amongst the highest then any country. Abuse of abaca and heroin is replete in the country and the narcotics are extremely cheap and easily available everywhere. Afghanistan is the…show more content…
Relations: User gets affected related to relationships, friends, family, partner, children and intimate partner. 3. Livelihood: User gets infected related their professional lives (e.g. lack of concentration at work or school because of anxiety) and other non-professional activities such as hobbies. 4. Law: User gets affected by law enforcement of illegal drug use, drug acquisition, and/or trafficking, including driving under the influence of drugs. In addition to the previous classification of the consequences of drug use, other authors have classified the disinfects according to the drug using behavior: drug use, drug acquisition, and drug withdrawal. Each area is related to specific risks for the person who uses the narcotics, his /her family and relationships and for the surrounding community (Addy and Ritter: 2000, 2004). The National Drug Policy (NDP) 20072012 sets out the Government’s policy for addressing the harms caused by, alcohol, tobacco, illegal and other narcotics within a single framework. The NDP aims to lower the effects of dangerous substance use through means to minimize the damage it measures: • limit or control the availability of narcotics (supply control) • limit the use of narcotics used by individuals, including abstinence (demand

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