Cost Benefits Of Globalization

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Introduction Globalization is a current heating topic in global politics. It is a term echoing in the world of economics as it promises new doors and endless creative opportunities when embraced. However, amidst its praise and recommendation, globalization carries proper weight on its downside. It is important to put both aspects to light and through a brainstorming session, a viable solution can arrive, otherwise, an alternative solution to both parties. The term globalization defines an increased relation and integration between economies in various nations. Through globalization, these economies will cooperate to favor interrelations and integrations. Looking at the current rate of technological industrialization and infrastructural development,…show more content…
It also incorporates static and dynamic analysis, technological changes, economies of scale, as well as the economic implications of international mobility of production factors such as capital and labor. Another important issue when accounting the costs and benefits of globalization is its impact on conditions such as income inequality, employment, poverty, global environmental concerns, and economic vulnerability. Most economists seem to lie in the factor that there are minimal contributions from globalization to date, and there is no promise for the future. This paper aims to establish the costs and benefits of globalization from the financial viewpoint providing a theoretical framework of cost-benefit analysis to the issue and a statistical analysis to provide further insight. It also keeps the notion that globalization is a process that feeds the extension of international…show more content…
It induces better production efficiency by aiding better specialization in production. It assists in the full exchange of commodities to satisfy its demand. Even amidst competition, the merging of sub-markets could be a solution to reduce economic scarcity given the absence of market failures and other adverse externalities (Jenkins 526). Within the neoclassical framework, the benefits of improving economic globalization outweigh all the costs inflicted. However, it only focuses on perfect markets and pays little attention to reducing costs of supply in major

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