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In the debate over globalization, large business are on the defensive team. Retailers like Wal-Mart, toy companies like Mattel, and technology companies defend globalization and outsourcing. When confronted with objections to outsourcing, they always claim that it benefits consumers and developing countries alike. Although this is true, the true purpose of globalization is something much different. The true purpose is currency. Dollars, pounds, pasos, coins, greenbacks, money. Business benefit far more from globalization than the rest of the world does. Globalization is not a concept that is meant to better the world. In reality, globalization is a tool used by large businesses for one purpose; to make money. In order to truly…show more content…
Citizens are able to make more money, which allows them to live a better life. This claim is fundamentally flawed. First off, producers of products in China are not benefiting as much as one would think. In the Wal-Mart video, there was a section dedicated to Wal-Mart's producers in China. The video revealed that Wal-Mart reigns in power over the manufacturers. When Wal-Mart needs to buy more of a certain product, they call the companies that make the product into a meeting. In the meeting, the manufacturers compete in a bidding war, except they bid low prices instead of high. What Wal-Mart is doing is forcing Chinese manufacturers to produce and sell products for bare minimum cost. If they can't bring the price down low enough, Wal-Mart does not put their product on the shelves. A factory that isn't distributing products is not making money, and the workers can't be paid very well. For the manufacturers that manage to strike a deal with Wal-Mart, they can pay their workers a decent amount, but not too much, since the factory needs to keep some money. In other words, Chinese workers in Chinese factories are not getting paid as much as they could be. In addition, the standard of living is not improving. What defines an increase in national standard of living is when the entire nation is living better than they were before.…show more content…
Compared to large businesses such as Wal-Mart, the rest of the world is receiving little benefit. This should not be a surprise. Since the time that money was invented, it has been the thing that everybody wants. Money can buy things, fix things, and makes a man have more power in the world. And there are many greedy people out there. Although there are people like Bill Gates that donate money to good causes, many people prefer to keep it for themselves. The goal of a business is to make money. Shareholders of businesses want money, and the owners want money. Anything positive that results from the quest for money is the cherry on the cake. Some people claim that money makes the world go round. So it should be no shock that companies are using globalization to make as much money as possible. Improving developing countries and lowering consumer prices for other people is a nifty bonus, but not the main

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