Cosmetology Career Research Paper

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Cosmetologists provide scalp and skin treatments and makeup analysis. Cosmetologist help with your health and your overall appearance(Home). Most cosmetologist deal with hair. They clean, style,and color hairpieces and wigs. Cosmetology is a career that takes many personal skills and extensive training, but there will always be a need for cosmetologist. When it comes to cosmetology there are many duties and responsibilities it takes to be a cosmetologist. If a cosmetologist owns there own salon many duties and responsibilities include hiring, supervising,and firing workers, also keeping up with business and inventory records, ordering supplies and advertising. Some responsibilities that a regular cosmetologist would do is make sure they understand…show more content…
There is a very long list of things you would have to do such as styling, cutting, and shaping hair/hairpieces, applying bleach and dye to hair,attaching hairpieces to someones head and coloring the hairpiece to match their original hair color, massaging and giving treatments to the client’s head, removing facial hair using wax, thread, or tweezers, cleaning, shaping, and polishing fingernails and toenails,recommending and applying cosmetics,suggesting therapeutic medication, and advising medical attention to clients with scalp conditions, a cosmetologist may also have to do makeup on a client for a special event like a wedding, pageant, or a…show more content…
Most cosmetologist take many courses to keep up with the latest trends. The minimum age that you can be to be licensed in cosmetology is 16. After graduating a state approved program the student takes a state exam that includes a written test, oral exam, and sometimes a practice test of styling and coloring hair.Students can choose to specialize in many cosmetology fields.If the cosmetologist is a Esthetician or skin care professional the cosmetologist may take courses that cover facial treatments, body wraps, skin care chemicals and body hair removal techniques (Educational). If the cosmetologist also wants to be a nail technician study over manicures. pedicures, artificial nails and color treatments (Educational). In specialists programs most students can require around 600 hours of coursework depending on what they want to be. Some states have agreements that allow licensed barbers and cosmetologist to get a license in another state without needing additional formal training but such agreements are not

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