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Brian Greene once said,“The idea that there could be other universes out there is really one [idea] that stretches the mind in a great way.” Bill Myers really stretches our minds in his novel Eli, which follows a man that travels to a parallel universe after an accident and finds that in this universe Jesus did not come till today, in modern times. Although one can learn many lessons from Eli, one salient lesson is that human deportment stays the same in any era of time. By displaying the correspondences, as well as the distinctions between Eli and Jesus, the author enlivens Christ for the reader and indicates that people's actions and behaviors toward Jesus never alter despite distinct ages in time. Although not precisely the same, Eli presents…show more content…
In particular, the author has Eli say, “ But the Will Pattons and Leon Brewsters of the world...they know they need my help. They know they need God's forgiveness. Whereas men like you and Dr. Kerston - you are sadly oblivious to that fact.” (pg 186). Though both Jesus and Eli had followers who sinned, Eli's seemed more modern. People considered Tax collectors wrongdoers in the Bible, but Eli had followers that more people of this day can consider low lives, such as pornographers. Also, Eli's enemies, the media, wanted to prove that he was a con artist. Jesus's enemies, the chief priests and teachers of law, wanted to prove he worked under the devil. This helps the readers to understand how much power Jesus's enemies had by already knowing how much power the media has. In addition, when the author describes the crowd as wearing, “cutoffs, shorts, [and] tanks.”(pg 48), he presents how much more modern the setting of Eli is compared to the setting of the Bible. Myers put Eli in a modern setting so one can comprehend what really happened in the Bible and truly understand the literature. The simple language aids readers in absorbing everything Jesus said in an uncomplicated way. Not only more intelligible, but the modern setting also reveals Jesus as a simple guy. In the Bible one may not see Jesus as a commoner, but by putting him in modern times one can really see him as a simple man with phenomenal power. The differences between Eli and Jesus make the reader actually decipher the Bible and it's characters by relating it to present

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