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Prosecuting Attorney’s Achieving national and universal justice is what most prosecuting attorneys aspire to do. Becoming a prosecuting attorney involves having extensive education and training, challenging duties and responsibilities, and reasonable earnings and benefits. When going down the road of becoming a prosecuting attorney the education that is required is extensive and challenging, but can be accomplished. During high school classes such as; algebra, English, literature, political science, psychology, sociology, and speech should be taken to build up a good foundation for this career (Alabama Virtual Library). After completing high school it is imperative that a degree is received from a n approved college and that a passing score was made on the Law Schools Admissions Test (Jackson). Many people who aspire to become a prosecuting…show more content…
After completing Law School one is now eligible for a job as a prosecuting attorney. When becoming a prosecuting attorney it is essential to know what one’s job is.” A prosecuting attorney is a lawyer who usually works for the government to try criminal cases. His job is to initiate and carry out legal proceedings against a person ho has been accused of a crime”(Madison). A prosecuting attorney’s job is different from a defense attorney’s job. The job of a prosecuting attorney “ differs from a defense attorney, who typically has the job of working on behalf of an accused criminal, helping him avoid conviction or at least seek a lesser penalty”(Madison). “Prosecuting attorneys are often responsible for contacting an investigation agency that can collect and provide pertinent case information; they typically work with police as well”(Madison). Prosecution attorneys can also decide whether a case would be able to stand in front of a judge and jury, and also talk to witnesses and all those involved in the crime

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