Saturn Savouring His Son By Francisco Goya

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This painting, by Francisco Goya, was created between 1819-1823 in Museo del Prado, Madrid. It is 4 ft 9 in x 2 ft 8 in and is an oil mural transferred to canvas. It features Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture, liberation, and time, as a giant with long greying hair. In his large hands he is devouring his son, who is missing his head and parts of his limbs. The son is dripping with blood, while Saturn has bulging eyes. The colors consist mostly of greys, browns, and blacks; however, there is red, but only coming from the wounds of the son. The background is a dark grey and Saturn's mouth is wide open, shoving his child into his mouth. The child is lifeless, and Saturn seems shocked. Saturn has a slight orange tint to his skin, while the child is a pasty white. The child compared to Saturn, is about the size of Saturn’s arm. Saturn is also kneeling on one knee and is grasping onto to his child tightly. Both of them are naked and vulnerable to the darkness.…show more content…
In Greek mythology, it was prophesied that Saturn’s son would overthrow him on the throne. As a result, he devours all of his children; however, one child manages to escape: Jupiter. The only child of Saturn who lives, ends of taking the throne from Saturn― just like he destined to. By trying to reverse his fate, Saturn seemed to have caused the event he was trying avoid. This is represented in the painting by the darkness around him and the madness that is shown in his eyes. No matter what Saturn could of done, he couldn’t escape his fate. Parts of Saturn are disappearing, representing that he will no longer rule and he is fading away. This can also be seen as the idea of time and youth vs. old age. This painting, overall represents power and the corruption in can inhabit on an

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