Hieronymus Bosch Accomplishments

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Prior to the Italian Renaissance, and the Protestant Reformation, the Black Death, or bubonic plague decimated the population of much of Asia and then Europe. The influence of the Christian Church declined and trade was disrupted because nobody wanted to travel for fear of catching the disease. Most importantly, survivors of the Black Death realized God had not spared them. As a result, they began to live for the present rather than the afterlife. Combined with other economic factors, this helped usher in the Renaissance and later, the Protestant Reformation. The Renaissance was a time of intellectual awakening characterized by the study of classical antiquity, humanism, and liberal education. Humanist thinking, including the rediscovery of classical Greek and Roman…show more content…
During his lifetime, Hieronymus Bosch was a celebrated and respected master painter. His work was commissioned and collected by royalty, the church and wealthy patrons. Hieronymus was a well-traveled, highly educated connoisseur of fine spirits and rich foods. Bosch was extremely influential within his circle of local painters and fine craftsmen. Hieronymus was a member of a very religious society called the Brotherhood of Mary; most townsfolk of distinction were members. He had a taste for the poetic and his use of symbols are secretive hints and glances into the mysterious world that lies behind the painted one. All of those grimacing images depicted in his art, which were customary in medieval decorative art, especially in the stone ornaments of Gothic cathedrals and the wood carvings of choir stalls, were transferred by him to panel paintings. It is understandable that later generations accused him of heresy, the act of not thinking or acting as the church says because they didn’t comprehend his visionary

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