Cinderella Book Vs Movie

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The Mexican version of Cinderella, “Little Gold Star,” was actually about a girl who got a gold star on her forehead. Instead of the French version “The Little Glass Slipper,” that is like the typical version we know and that Disney made a movie about. The French Cinderella is about a girl who wanted to go to a ball, but her stepmother and stepsisters would not let her. Her godmother helped her get to the ball, but she had to be home by midnight. Or else the prince would see her in her dirty rags, and he went to find her to marry her. In the Mexican version she is gifted a gold star on her forehead, while her stepsisters got a green cow horn and a donkey ear. The prince went house to house to find the girl with the star on her forehead…show more content…
In the French version it is describing that Cinderella’s father married the most obnoxious woman in town. Each of the stories have a stepmother and stepsisters who are very mean to her, in order to get to the ball she needs a godmother figure to help…show more content…
In the French version she meets her godmother after her stepmother told her she could not go. “‘Well,’ said her godmother, ‘be a good girl, and I will contrive that you can go’” (Perrault). In the Mexican version, Arcia was down by the river cleaning the insides of a sheep, that her father had given her, which she decided to butcher. While she was cleaning, a hawk swooped down and grabbed them, she politely asked him to bring them back, and when he did he granted her something. “And when she looked up, down from the sky came a little gold star, and it fastened itself right on her forehead” (Hayes). Both of the stories have many obstacles, like her stepmother and stepsisters not letting her go to the ball, and the hawk taking the insides of the sheep away from Arcia. The hawk and Cinderella’s godmother helped her get to the ball. With the help of her godmother figure the Cinderella character overcomes her obstacles and she met her

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