Paul Ramsey And Preconceptive Eugenics Essay

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Carl D. Tabora Philo 104 A Case #2: Paul Ramsey and Preconceptive Eugenics The salient points of the case - Paul Ramsey and Preconceptive Eugenics are that of the following: first, controversial developments of new reproductive procedure. Second, the target of that a person can choose or do something that may alter the outcome of the child. It questions the morality of giving birth to a child or the decision between two different possible children with regards to the child being healthy or with a disability. He said that there are some instances that eugenics is and can be accepted. An example was given in the excerpt, it was from the British philosopher Derek Parfit and the example went go as this: “A woman who is told that if she stops taking the pill and conceives immediately, her child would have a serious disorder. On the other hand, if she waits another three months to conceive, the causes for the disorder in the child would have receded and she could have a healthy child.” When you think of it, it can be right/acceptable because the woman can avoid having an unhealthy child but isn’t it that when you choose not to bear a child now for a better child in the future, isn’t that taking away that child’s right to live, to posses life regardless of how healthy or unhealthy the child is?…show more content…
The people involved in this issue are the parents and the unborn child because the parents are the ones who are going to choose whether to bear a child with or without the unhealthy side and the child who is directly affected by this. It is the child’s dignity and rights to posses life that are in question when this topic is being brought

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