Corruption In Congress

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Congress is built by educated white men that hold advanced degrees and with this comes power and corruption while they continue to hold their spot in both Houses in Congress. The House of Representatives has 435 voting members and serve two-year terms. They have a more formal leadership and foundation to serve the people. This includes rules and time of debate for issues. The powers of the House of Representative are not lopsided and the House initiates all moneys to finance new bills or laws. In addition, The House of Representative can initiate articles of impeachment and will oversea impeachment process. Unlike The House of Representatives, the Senate has two members from each state and totaling 100 voting members. Each senator can serve…show more content…
The entire House of Representatives nominate and vote who will become the next speaker of the house and that person is approved by the Senate and the President. The Speaker of the House is responsible to keep all business moving forward and is the head or chief spoke person. The Speaker of the House has a lot of respect within its members and has a lot of influence when speaking to the president. The Speaker of the House works closely with the majority and minority leaders. In addition, they help schedule which legislation to bring to the floor for…show more content…
This can be a daunting task because no president wants to see his or her rating decline. The president, with the help of Congress, the Cabinet, the advisers, the federal and state courts, and other top agency's help influence and make political and policy decisions in the United States. Public Policy helps protect the people and the institutions they work for but not all Policies are followed. This is where the government can make changes for the good of all. Ways for Policy to change is identify the problem. For an example is when Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans. It took the government days to go in and help the people. The American people were outraged and pushed for a Policy change. Next, agenda is to set up help for future hurricane victims through quicker relief measures. Then they formulate a new Policy. This can include other government agencies, such as FEMA. From there, they can implement the new Policy and continue to evaluate the Policies because we are in a world where change in Policy will need to happen

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