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Knights (warriors or noblemen) had an influential role during the Middle Ages. This role was not achieved by chance, but by knowledge learned from a very young age[i], and most importantly following the strict rules of chivalry. Warriors were very important in society and politics during the Middle Ages. The history of knights is not simply about who held political and social power, but is an important part of the general medieval history that we all learn about. A young boy's future role as a knight depended on if his father was a knight. Knighthood was passed on through generations; therefore, being born into the family of prior noblemen was the first step in accomplishing this feat. The second step was his upbringing which was governed by…show more content…
Among these was the ownership of land, the hiring of their own soldiers to defend this land, and attending parties of higher class people such as a kings and nobles. Many boys never became knights because they were killed doing their duty as squire. A knight was expected to have more than just strength and skills when facing combat in this violent era.[vi] He was also expected to temper his aggressiveness with a sort of religious moral system known as chivalry. Chivalry is the medieval principle governing knighthood. One was expected to follow the strict rules of chivalry.…show more content…
Those ideal qualities are honesty, courtesy, truth, generosity, loyalty, gallantry (respect), and courage. [vii] There were 12 rules of chivalry which were “1) To never lay down arms. 2) To seek after wonders. 3) When called upon, to defend the rights of the weak with all one's strength. 4) To injure no one. 5) Not to attack one another. 6) To fight for the safety of one's country. 7) To give one's life for one's country. 8) To seek nothing before honor. 9. Never to break faith for any reason. 10) To practice religion most diligently.11) To grant hospitality to anyone, each according to his ability. 12) Whether in honor or disgrace, to make a report with the greatest fidelity to truth to those who keep the annals.” Knights were of value because the lord’s enemy had knights and that enemy wanted to not only take his land but make as many of his people suffer as much as possible. Knights also helped patrol the serfs and keep the peace by enforcing laws. They were considered professional killers held to a very high standard and looked to as the one source of

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