Compare And Contrast Yellowtone And Hawaii Essay

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Hawaii and Yellowstone are two of the most relaxing places to go, yet they also hold immense power under all of their beautiful scenery. They both were created with a hotspot; Hawaii's hotspot has the ability to create more beautiful islands to travel to, Yellowstone's hotspot has the ability to destroy the United States in the blink of an eye. Hawaii and Yellowstone have many differences, but they both have the ability to make or destroy a beautiful country. The location of both places has more differences than similarities. First of all, both Yellowstone and Hawaii are located in the middle of a plate. Hawaii is located on the Pacific plate, while Yellowstone is located on the North American plate. In addition, they both have different crusts. Hawaii has oceanic crust which is thinner while Yellowstone has continental crust which is thicker. Also, both of these locations are located on a hotspot. A hotspot is a large area of molten magma under the crust, which heats up the land above. The hotspot under Yellowstone heats up water, which made the geysers millions of people visit each year. Of course, the geysers are not the only thing people visit Yellowstone for. Yellowstone has miles of trails so you can see its…show more content…
The islands of Hawaii were created by underwater volcanoes, made by the hotspot. The volcano would erupt, and as the lava built up layer after layer, eventually it would create land. Then the hotspot would move and it eventually created more islands, moving southeast as it went. The islands are always getting bigger and larger in number. Yellowstone was the first national park, but before that it was hunting ground for groups of Native Americans. It is said that Lewis and Clark heard the sounds of a volcano when the traveled to that area, but they didn't check to see. In 1929 Joe Meek stumbled upon the Norris Geyser. In 1872 Yellowstone became the first national park in the

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